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    Thank you letter from Winter Olympics! Kaiyun successfully completed the task of guaranteeing power supply during the Winter Olympics and the two sessions.
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    Recently, the glorious Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games have come to a successful conclusion. During the preparation and guarantee of power supply during the Winter Olympics and the two sessions, Kaiyun Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Kaiyun") successfully completed the task of power supply protection and won unanimous praise.

    The group and its subsidiaries have received thank you letters from State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company, State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Company, Zhangjiakou Power Supply Company of State Grid Jibei Electric Power Company Limited, State Grid Langfang Power Supply Company, China Railway No.2 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., etc.

    Thank you letter (some of them)

    2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games are held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou. For this international event, ensuring the safety of power supply during the event is the top priority. Kaiyun has formulated special power guarantee schemes in Beijing and surrounding areas during the Winter Olympic Games, in order to quickly and effectively deal with the on-site problems during the power guarantee period and ensure the safety of power supply during the Winter Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, so as to coordinate all links and do a good job in power guarantee.

    In order to complete the task of guaranteeing power supply, Kaiyun sets up a special support team, headed by Fang Zhengji, the General Manager of Kaiyun, and 18 on-site support personnel, including the personnel at the main station and termination station, and more than 10 remote technical support personnel, to form a special support team for Winter Olympic, so as to make every effort to respond immediately from the on-site personnel to the technical support in case of problems, without any delay in intermediate links, and solve the problems at the first time.

    Figure | The Team on Duty Helping the Smooth Progess of Winter Olympics

             As a participant and witness of the task of guaranteeing power supply during the Winter Olympics and the two sessions, Kaiyun participated in tasks of regulating and operating data cloud platform, video monitoring platform, protection and monitoring system, high and low voltage integrated monitoring system, distribution network automation system, orderly power consumption platform system, on-line monitoring system of transmission line micro-meteorology, distribution and power multi-functional power instruments, IOT edge gateway, power supply support platform, etc., power tunnel video monitoring system and the overall power supply system of Beijing Metro Line 11. We tried our best to carefully organize and arrange spare parts, technical support and personnel support.

    The long work cycle, large quantity of products, and the superposition of Spring Festival, epidemic and other factors have brought many difficulties to the support team. However, with the efforts of all Kaiyun people, the deployment has been solidly implemented and the support work has been carried out smoothly.

    The unprecedented Winter Olympics has come to an end, and the workers of Kaiyun are about to embark on a new journey. In the future work, Kaiyun as a "power supply guarantee expert" in the new era will also carry forward the Olympic spirit and show China's responsibility, and will continue to practice the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together” with practical actions, and strive to serve China's strategy!

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